BIOSPHERE CAMP: This program is recreational and is aimed at encouraging teamwork by complementing various activities and disciplines.

Includes a trekking through La Campana Park, breakfast, lunch, pools, 360 ° climbing tower, canopy circuit, group challenge activities, instructors and service personnel.

Minimum group of 18 people and maximum of 100.

The value is calculated according to the number of members and the variants that each company requests.


On this special day, we want to offer you a different option, so that your memory is magical and unforgettable.

OPCIÓN 1: Puedes arrendar de manera exclusiva las dependencias de Biósfera Lodge. Esto incluye el alojamiento para los novios y sus invitados (9 habitaciones en total), con desayuno y actividades. Valor $1.789.000

OPCIÓN 2: Puedes dejar todo en nuestras manos, para que organicemos cada detalle y procurar que salga todo perfecto. Coctail $30.000 por persona. Coctail + menú $45.000 por persona. Cada celebración es única y debe representar fielmente el estilo de los novios. Biósfera Lodge está consiente de este aspecto y pondremos especial énfasis en que tu celebración sea lo que siempre has soñado.


One of the best ways to connect our children with nature is by inviting them as a group to spend a day touring the La Campana Park and doing group activities of recreation and learning.

Come with your class and live the experience of connecting your senses with nature and also have fun with the 360 ° climbing tower, the canopy circuit and the pools in the amphitheater.

Our service includes the aforementioned activities, the entrance to the park, instructors for guided tours and service personnel.

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